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NorthStar Desktop Predictive VoIP Phone Bank

Forget the decade-old systems some campaigns are actually still being conned into using. If you’re serious about winning, this is what wins.

Our desktop-based phones features color touch screens, and work like magic when polling, working through Voter ID universes, and GOTV drives.

NorthStar’s predictive dialing system can make one volunteer into THREE and depending on the number of volunteers you have, one volunteer can make as many calls as five, six or even SEVEN volunteers on the old phone systems.

Northstar’s predictive system is perfect to make a small campaign as effective as large statewide campaign.

And NorthStar works wonders for campaigns that have offices in multiple locations. Whether you’re running a large municipal campaign, or a multi-state presidential, NorthStar allows your entire campaign to call separate regions, or act as one large office of callers.

Call From Home

Northstar’s Call from Home system allows your campaign’s volunteers to call from anywhere they want as long as they have a phone, a computer or tablet and an internet connection.

The benefits of this are obvious. Instead of having people have to drive down to your office, they can instead signup through the website and start making calls almost right away. Our Call from Home system utilities the same predictive dialing system as our desktop phones so one volunteer can be as productive as THREE and depending on the number of volunteers you can have one volunteer make as many calls as five, six or even SEVEN volunteers using other systems.

The Call from Home system allows for small campaigns to have access to a call system, even if they do not have a full time office.

And for larger campaigns, the Call from Home system allows for volunteers from communities that do not have a campaign office to still help reach out to voters. And the Call from Home system and Desktop system work together so callers from home and from your office can call the same universe at the same time, which increases the effectiveness of each volunteer.



NorthStar’s app for voter canvassing called “WalkApp” is a two-way app. It allows you not only to collect data as your volunteers go door-to-door, but also displays data before you knock on that door letting the volunteer know what previous information has been collected about that voter both in door visits and phone communications.

For customers using NationBuilder, WalkApp is capable of summarizing social media information and emails that reside in your NationBuilder nation.


Nation Builder provides your campaign website, voter database, fundraising, communications and free voter file.

Now it also offers a walk book application, call from home predictive technology and a VOIP phone predictive technology through Northstar Campaign Systems.  This partnership will allow your campaign all of the benefits of both companies but save you time and energy by combining the database and data collection process.

About Us

NorthStar Campaign Systems is an Omaha, NE based full service political technology and consulting firm that offers a streamlined platform from which you may operate your entire campaign.

NorthStar is the brainchild of Andrew Northwall, a computer programmer, Republican activist, and former local party Executive Director. Working for the 2008 Republican “Victory” effort in Southwest Iowa, Northwall became aware of significant differences between the Republican efforts for McCain versus the Democrat efforts for Obama. The Democrats had an elevated level of knowledge about the voters as they went door-to-door. The Obama campaigners were tracking voter comments, entering the information into a database of sorts, and providing that information to the next walk team to visit that voter.

Northwall saw opportunity. Every time you’ve thought to yourself, “it would be nice if my campaign technology provider could do this,” we have probably built your solution.

With his background in database systems, Northwall persuaded angel investor, and Republican activist Matt Butler, to help him start a company where campaigns could obtain the absolute state of the art technology needed to win elections. Butler also serves as the company’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Years of winning elections have proven the NorthStar Difference.

Take a look at some of our clients who have used NorthStar Systems during their campaigns.


Andrew Northwall

Andrew has over a decade of grassroots campaign experience and is the founder of NorthStar Campaign Systems. Andrew studied computer science at the Universe of Nebraska Omaha and has a unique background of technology, sales and politics. Andrew started NorthStar campaign systems to provide a more efficient way for campaigns to use technology while contacting voters. Andrew has served as executive director to the local Republican Party as well as campaign manager, political director and general consultant in dozens of campaigns over the years. In his free time Andrew likes to work on renovating his home in Omaha.

Matt Butler

In addition to company founder Andrew Northwall, Matt is one of the firm’s 2 principals, and seed funded the launch of the company in April of 2011.  Matt is a former transportation company owner and CEO, and oversaw a workforce of over 500 people. Matt’s educational background includes a BS in Journalism (Advertising) from the University of Kansas, a MS in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from Creighton University Law School’s Werner Institute, and is a graduate of the 9-week Owner-President Management Program (OPM) at Harvard Business School. Matt has served as both a county and state party finance chairman, and served as a GOP Governor nominee’s campaign finance chairman. In his free time, Matt enjoys the gym, golf, shooting sports, a good cigar, and keeping up with the political drumbeat.

Rod Edwards

Rod brings well over a decade of experience to NorthStar. Rod has worked on Senate, Gubernatorial and Rod is our director of campaign strategies and specializes in pairing the right technology and strategy to your campaign. Rod has been a user of NorthStar since its inception and knows the systems inside and out. In his free time Rod likes to hang out with his dog Candy.

Patrick Roy

Patrick has been involved in Nebraska politics for six years and is one of the rising stars in our party. He has held the title of field director, researcher, deputy campaign manager, and political director through numerous campaigns. Patrick has experience working on elections including bond issues, municipal elections, state legislative elections and U.S. Senate elections. Patrick was integral to Deb Fischer’s surprise victory in 2012. Patrick is a Dallas Cowboys fan.

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